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Patellar tendon & quadriceps serve a vital function in your body's anatomy. These complex components of the knee aid in jumping, cutting, & sudden rapid movements. This extension movement is compiled of the quadriceps muscle, quadriceps tendon, patella, patellar tendon & tibia.

. Causes of a patellar tendon tear include:

  • forceful contraction while running , kicking or jumping

  • Falling directly on the kneecap

Quadriceps Tendon tears: 

  • Sports Injury 

  • Joint weakness 

  • Underlying Chronic Knee Condition

  • bent knee under a heavy load

  • Muscle strain

Patellar tendon tears & quadriceps tendon tears occur when the quadriceps tendon contracts suddenly, with force exceeding the capacity of the tendons. This may be as a result of jumping during sport or falling on a flexed knee. A Rupture is commonly found in patients with pre-existing tendon degeneration/tendinosis. 

You may develop acute pain around the knee cap often associated with popping noise. The knee has significant swelling after ruptures. You may also experience difficulty extending the knee & walking after the injury.

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